Eddy Current Drives

Varicon (3D) Drives Ltd maintains a full mechanical workshop run by a skilled team of fitters and tool makers. With years of experience working on eddy current drives including Heenan, Tasc, Magnapower and Torspec, Varicon (3D) Drives can service, maintain and overhall your eddy current drives with confidence, on-site or at our workshop in the Midlands.

Heenan Eddy Current

70/3, 76/6, 150/6, 170/6, 200/6

VHO21, VHO41, VHO51, ACM903, ACM904, ACM905, ACM906, ACM908, ACM912, ACM914, 5EW, 6EW, 7EW, WCM912 (water cooled), WCM914 (water cooled), Fractional horse power, FHP

Magnapower, Motovator, MD112, MD132, MD160, MD180, MD225


Eddy current brake, TASC CD Drive, CD112, CD132, CD160, CD180, CD225, CD355


TCD112, TCD132, TCD160, TCD180, TCD225, 4200 controller

Varicon (3D) Drives Ltd also maintain a number of new and reconditioned eddy current drives and controllers in stock.

vho41 heenan drive

Variable Speed Inverter Drives

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Variable speed drives (VSD) Adjustable frequency drive (AFD) we install maintain and repair any make or model.....

variable speed drives Malvern

Uninterruptible (UPS) Systems

ups systems website malvern

UPS installation, maintenance and repair (2KVA-60KVA) from our workshops in Malvern. For more information....

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Maintenance Service Contracts

electrical maintenance

Maintenance Contracts for electrical power electronics. Scheduled servicing throughout the UK......

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